How it Works

XS Trade connects buyers and sellers together. People with excess materials are connected to people who need materials.

How to Buy

Buying materials from XS Trade is easy.
You can find the items you’re looking for by searching the website.
You can do this by:

1. Clicking on the Categories listed at the top of most pages of the website.

2. Using the ‘Quick Search’ function on the homepage.

3. Using the filters to search in more detail.

Once you’ve found an item that you’re interested in then simply telephone the seller (if they have shared their telephone number). Alternatively click the ‘Enquire’ button to send an email to the seller.

You and the seller can discuss the specifics of the item and agree a private sale.
Please note: XS Trade simply connects buyers and sellers together and it is the buyer’s responsibility to ensure that items being purchased are as described. XS Trade will have no liability to the buyer or the seller for the purchase or sale of any item – please refer to the terms and conditions on the website for further details.


How to Sell

It’s free to list one item at a time for sale. Simply:

1. Click ‘Sell your XS’ from the Sell menu, or the ‘Click Here to Start Selling’ button on the homepage.

2. Create a new account by filling in the form and agreeing the Terms and Conditions.

3. On the ‘My Listings’ panel click the ‘New Listing’ button.

4. Add the details required to list your item.

5. Finally, click the ‘Put Live’ button to publicly list your item so buyers can find it.

6. Sit back and wait for buyers to contact you.


‘Fixed Price’ or ‘Make Me An Offer’

Price is an important factor in most deals – if the price is right then often a deal can be done.
At XS Trade we want to make deals happen. To help with price negotiation we allow sellers to say whether the price of their items is fixed, or whether they are open to offers.
When you list an item for sale specify the price (e.g. £100). Then use the pull down menu to choose whether:
  • the price you have specified is fixed price, or
  • sellers are welcome to make you an offer.

Buyers will then be able to see whether the item is fixed price or whether the seller is open to offers.
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