The Benefits of XS Trade

Benefits for Buyers

XS Trade offers buyers several key benefits.
Buyers can save money – potentially lots of money. By taking advantage of the materials that are surplus to requirements elsewhere, buyers can avoid paying brand new prices and instead pay discounted prices.
Buyers can solve problems – sometimes you just can’t find the materials you need… anywhere. Without the materials you can’t complete the job. Why not give XS Trade a try. The chances are someone, somewhere in the country, has got what you need and is willing to sell it.

Benefits for Sellers

Sellers can make money – by finding a buyer for materials that would either be skipped or locked away for years in storage you can make money.

Benefits for the Industry

Both buyers and sellers can make new industry contacts. Through the process of buying and selling new people will meet and new business relationships will develop.
The building industry as a whole will become more efficient.

Benefits for the Environment

An estimated 13% of all building materials - worth £1.5BN - are skipped every year in the UK. That is a shocking figure and one we believe to be totally unnecessary.
XS Trade helps the environment by making better use of resources. Fewer materials and less energy is used to manufacture building components. Less pollution is generated in distribution. Less landfill space is taken with unwanted materials.
Let's save waste AND make money…